Howdy hi! I make things for Vtubers & Streamers!

Check out the different types of commissions I offer in keyboard design and building as well as digital art!I specialize in split, ergonomic/ortholinear keyboards. Don't know what those are? You're in the right place!I also do goofy/silly models & am always looking to take on new challenges. I offer both Live2D art+rig and just Live2D rigging services.I love art trades so feel free to send me a DM if you do art as well!

Keyboards [Open]

I offer three types of commissions:
1. Design Only
2. Build (with your design)
3. Design & Build
Design Process:
- Voice call to establish preferences in all aspects of the keyboard
- I will reach out within a few days to confirm choices based on online or personal inventory availability.
- You will receive a spreadsheet detailing cost (excluding shipping) for the board + links to the products and build guides.
Build Process:
- Parts are purchased by me & mailed to me.
- Case (if you'd like me to 3d print it) will be printed while waiting for the parts.
- Board will be soldered, assembled, and shipped out to you within 3-4 weeks from consultation.
Pricing for Design:
$50 per board
Pricing for Build:
$50 per board
+ $20 per 3d printed case
+ $20 to lube keyswitches
+ $10 to add keyswitch film
OR + $69 for a full thocc mod :3
Pricing for Design & Build:
Cost of materials + $100
+ 10% for soldering
+ 10% for LEDs
(all my homies hate soldering LEDs)

digital art [closed until May/June '23]

I offer three types of digital art commissions!1. Art Only
2. Rig Only
3. Art + Rig
1. Right now I only offer one art only piece, which is my Chibi YCH, seen here.
2. I am happy to try just about any rig at the moment, but be aware I'm very new.
3. I will do art and rig either (a). the Chibi YCH or (b). the animal/chibi mouse model YCH I designed, seen here.
Pricing:Art Only: $50
Rig Only: Depends on Complexity
Art + Rig: $150

Model Art Examples

Rig Examples

Gremlin Model for RubyCxfe

Gremlin Model for Master Axel Fury

Cheem Model (Fanart) for BasilWoof

Puppy Mouse Model (Fanart) for Buffpup


Please DM me on Twitter if you'd like a commission!


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